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Re: [OFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 11 -- OnePlus 3

In the meantime I could test the ROM and have to admit, there's nothing I could say against using version 11.5 as a daily driver.

One must have for future releases though: prevent battery draining. That's something where OOS and current PA are the gold standard today, as the battery can last almost two days on normal-heavy usage. Currently this ROM lasts "only" 20-22 hours. There's nothing I can see why from the built-in battery statistics ROM app. This needs to be further investigated with external apps; which I currently neither know or use.

Nice to have's:
- simple theming like OOS provides
- more control over loudness (does Viper exist for this device? I just don't know, but what Viper does could be integrated into the ROM)
- integrated libraries for the photo junkies. PA does this already

Thanks for a really good ROM and keep up the good work! Watching your ROM efforts since 2015 and loved what I saw and experienced from the start! Kudos!

Re: [OFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 11 -- OnePlus 3

Does anyone know why notifications are not working correctly with this ROM?

I tried three calendar apps (Google Calendar, Standalone Calendar & aCalendar+) but none of these give me notifications. All apps are set manually to not be put in battery saving mode.

I also tried setting enhanced notifications in ROM Tweaks on/off but it didn't make a difference.

Furthermore, where can I find the menu for "Doze"? Since "Marshmallow" this is one of the most miserable "features" Google ever made, where can we configure it?

Any other ideas? I'm at a loss here.

Thanks in advance!

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