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Deani77 wrote:Hi... Noob here

In interactive governor may I know best way to choose

1. hispeed_freq, what is the criteria of best hispeed_freq?
2. go_hispeed_load, what is the best (0-100)?

Thanks in advance.
There is no best, there are numerous possibilities dependent on how you use your phone and other factors. Since your new, try different profiles, take note of their goals, and see the settings of interest in each profile to find which settings work best for you. Each person uses their phone differently, has different Roms and apps, etc that can change which settings are optimal

[OTHER][TWEAK] Interactive Governor Profiles  

Sorry for the delayed reply, things have been a little crazy.

Anyways, here's the profile:
LoG Profile Download

I'm not able to test it as I'm using a Pixel XL now, but most of the values should apply correctly. The LoG script has a few conditionals written into it that make it a more robust way of applying the settings that are appropriate for your kernel/ROM/phone. The fstrim commands at the end cannot be added. There may be other commands in there that EXKM itself won't allow to execute for security reasons so do a thorough check and make sure all of the settings apply correctly. YMMV

[OTHER][TWEAK] Interactive Governor Profiles  

kojak1989 wrote:in your download folder i see drunk sauce from february its for interactive now or still i have to download a lite version for work ?
The regular version now uses Impulse and Interactive while DrunkSauceLite still makes use of Interactive on both clusters. Ironactive was basically an upstream CAF version of Interactive, most of whose patches have now been merged with Interactive in up-to-date kernels anyways.
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